Albania is a Balkan country with coasts on the Adriatic. It has beautiful beaches, mountainous landscapes, traditional cuisine, archaeological findings and unique traditions, all of this combined with low prices and authentic countryside. It is one of the sunniest countries in Europe. The country has a great archaeological heritage as a member of the Roman and Ottoman Empires and with a significant Greek colony. After its independence in 1912 it became a communist dictatorship.

After World War II, a communist government was established under Enver Hoxha. Albania became a state completely isolated internationally, not only from Europe and the United States, but also the Soviet Union and even neighboring Yugoslavia.

After Hoxha’s death the Communist Party relinquished power in 1992. The transition to democracy proved not smooth as governments had to deal with high unemployment, poor infrastructure and political corruption. Today, Albania is aspiring to join the European Union.

The most widespread religion is Islam, followed by Christianity. But the previous regime had declared Albania the first “atheist state” in the world.

Traditional Albanian culture highly values the concept of hospitality. It is also about a particularly hardworking and patient people who, despite the difficulties they faced and the large percentage of the population forced to follow the path of refugees, managed to adapt and prosper.

The coastline that stretches north from Avlona to the border of Montenegro includes many sandy beaches and attracts the largest tourist mass.

To the south of Avlona, the Albanian Riviera consists of rocky shores with impressive turquoise waters.

Tirana is a cosmopolitan city, the center of which has been modernized in recent years, with trendy cafes, restaurants, shops and businesses. Dajti Mountain is a popular attraction, with panoramic views of the capital.

In southern Albania, the influence of the Turks and the Greeks is strong. Important historical cities are Girokaster, Berat, Korçë, Tepelena.

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