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As a citizen of the bankrupted Greece, just a stopover in the paradise of Seychelles makes you almost feel guilty. And if paradise exists, how much more beautiful it can be than the islands of Seychelles. A cluster of 115 lush dots, scattered in the South Indian Ocean, these granite islets of dense tropical vegetation and excellent underwater ecosystem are a real gem on planet earth.


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On the island Mahé, the largest of the islands hosts the capital Victoria with its colonial architecture, you can experience the creole culture and a rare natural landscape carefully preserved by a nation in which everything seems to work effortlessly. The beaches of turquoise water are not calm and welcoming on summer months, when ocean waves make swimming not possible. Mahe Island can be visited around in a day while prices, if you don’t stay in expensive exclusive resorts, are affordable. A highlight discovered was the islet L ‘Islette where one can go swimming in close distance.


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