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India is not just a country. A subcontinent with a population of more than 1.3 billion (soon to surpass China), is a kaleidoscope of cultures, religions, landscapes and geomorphology, experiences for the visitor. India is one of the fastest growing economies, although the poverty and social diversities, defined also by the traditional cast system, remain strong.

On my third visit to the fascinating India of contradictions (Delhi, Agra, Amritsar) in 2018, i figured a new perspective for this rapidly growing country. Clearly altered, more clean, less air-polluted as all vehicles (even rickshaws) are powered by natural gas. Without homeless, no snake charmers, with infrastructure works finished and therefore no dust, no workers sleeping on the streets and burning garbage for heating. A rising middle class begins enjoying modern comforts while slowly acquiring environmental consciousness. India no longer responds to the “Wonderful Hell” I met nine years ago. It’s less than a hell but perhaps less wonderful.

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