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What to say about my country, the place I was born and raised? For everyone, his hometown is the most beautiful place on earth, but Greece objectively claims this title. A small but so privileged country, a place with a long and brilliant history depicted on unique monuments, a concentrated paradise of blue seas and countless islands, and a relatively hard to reach mountainous landscape worth exploring. All this under a generous sun that gives this unique light and its pleasant Mediterranean climate.
Greece is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Visitors are attracted by the beaches of the country and the remarkable sunny summer weather, nightlife, historical sites and natural beauty.


Greeks are people with intense patriotic feelings. They show great mental vitality, they are smart, witty and resourceful, but… shallow. Although they are persistent characters, they avoid prolonged mental and physical effort, seeking life quality in moments of social gathering and enjoying every moment. Like in every nation, Greeks have faults, probably due to their long-lasting eras under conquer. Their intelligence is often turned into cunning, imaginativeness in dishonesty, and their dexterity in fraud.
The mean of hospitality was born in this place but unfortunately has faded under the tendencies of individualism and globalization.


Many visitors come to Greece having in mind the typical postcard images, to finally discover a country with huge natural and architectural diversity. The famous whitewashed houses and churches with blue domes feature only the area of ​​the Cycladic islands. Architecture, however, varies considerably from region to region, depending on local history. Natural beauty is just as varied as the architectural heritage: idyllic beaches, towering mountain ranges, vineyards and extended olive groves in the south and forests in the north. The historical sights of Greece are as varied, from the classical times to the Byzantine Ages and the recent history.

Among the most common destinations of domestic and foreign tourism are:

The islands of the Cyclades with Santorini and Mykonos
The Ionian Islands
Dodecanese islands and the eastern Aegean islands
The island of Crete
The Peloponnese
Athos Peninsula
The Zagorohoria mountain villages
The Monemvasia medieval castle town
The archaeological sites of Athens, Sounio, Delphi, Ancient Olympia, Mycenae, Pella, Mystras and others.

Though, apart from the tourist highlights, the visitor has to discover many more amazing beauties

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