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Traveling… A valuable leisure escape or an irresistible need for exploration and experiences collection? In any case, travel is written in our DNA, perhaps the driving force that led man to colonize every part of the globe. The thirst for exploring new places, exerts a strong attraction on us. Distances measure differently for everyone, but each trip, whether it’s just two steps away from home or the other side of the earth, reserves for us experiences, images, emotions, moments of life. Let’s board on Trip in Pictures and try to convey experiences and emotions of our world, through my images and texts. 

For passionate travelers

Traveling … is an addictive way out, an endless search for new experiences for the incurable traveler. For those who have the “travel bug” it’s the best gift offered to oneself. The purpose and perspective of the trip is different for everyone, for some it’s just a necessary move to a destination of leisure, while for others it’s an opportunity to explore places, people and maybe their inner self. Personally, at some point I felt the need to explore the world beyond my beautiful home country, beyond the comforts of “civilized” Europe. During the precious time of holidays, i sacrifice the dreamy islands and beaches of Greece, finding alternative beauty in places wild, sometimes harsh but still enchanting. I choose to escape from my comfort zone, wandering the insecurity of the unknown, in conditions of comfort and security far inferior to those of the western world, in developing countries and places with deep social problems. Finding tremendous charm, even in places most people would never wish to visit. I live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world, but I have a passion to explore… the most beautiful planet known. Trip in Pictures aspires to offer a mind trip in faraway or nearby places, mainly out of Europe, looking for the last traces of authenticity and traditions that have not yet been altered by globalization.

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For image collectors

Α journey is most of all images, of landscapes, people and cultures. Τhe more distant the journey is, the more surprisingly different are the images we acquire. Images captured in our memories or in our photographic clicks. Most of people capture photos during their trips to keep their memories, but sharing these images can be a pleasing mind trip to other viewers too. Still, photography is much more than that. As a piece of art, it’s a meaning of expression from the creator, a depiction of the artist’s personal perspective, a story told by freezing a moment in unstoppable time. While traveling, it’s amazing how you begin to see things through the lens in such a different point of view! Observing details, subtle nuances that you might otherwise not have been able to distinguish.
Trip in Pictures is a personal effort to present my work in travel photography, which is now an integral part of my every trip.
Through these images of places, people, moments that I have experienced, I hope we’ll trip together.

Published as Photo of the Day
on National Geographic

Trip in Pictures

Published in National Geographic
assignment “Anachronisms”

Papua New Guinea

Exploring our planet

• Methods • Costs • Risks • Difficulties…


Traveling, even to the most distant destinations, is easier than you can imagine. Besides that, just arranging it on your own is part of the joy. Reading, searching for tickets, staring at maps and photos, discussions with other travelers and daydreaming your future experiences, is a most enjoyable process. And while there are many who prefer the thoughtless comfort of a travel agency that will arrange everything, others find pleasure in the independence of a journey without a strictly predetermined schedule, with travel buddies personally chosen and most importantly without the touristy approach.

Many people think that long trips are a privilege of the wealthy few. The reality is that traveling is simply a life choice. If you choose to sacrifice some luxuries, if you are willing to stay in simple rooms, eat where locals do, use public transport and always search for cheap flights without a specific destination, then you can do it too. If you can live the rest of the year with fewer nights out, limit your dining at fancy restaurants, if you are willing to spend less on clothes and unnecessary products and focus on conquering your dream, then do not hesitate. If your map does not end on the outskirts of Europe and if an unknown African country does make you curious, dare it.

Fear of the unknown is something that we all experience. Being in a foreign environment, among people looking curiously at you, as you do to them, visiting developing countries where poverty sometimes motivates crime, overcoming language and cultural barriers, is not easy. Though, being respectful, modest and using common sense, what I’ve personally met in the countries I have been to, were warm-hearted, hospitable people. People who haven’t lost their authenticity despite the sweat of toil. People that are not absorbed by the alienating rhythms of western lifestyle. People who have nothing in terms of wealth but they are rich in smiles.

The adversities, unexpected situations, the unforeseen factors of a journey… is a reality that can be deterrent for many, but it’s also what makes a trip most memorable. If everything was exactly scheduled, if it was all that easy, then it would be less fun. The flight that was lost, the food that made you sick, the heat and humidity of the tropics, the poor sleep in seedy hotels, the uncomfortable transportation, the fear felt, the dust, the dirt, are certainly not compared with business class traveling in Europe. But the experience is not comparable either.


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