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Uzbekistan is a landlocked country of Central Asia and former member of the Soviet Union. A place with a long history, flourished as a strategic part of the silk road, was conquered by the empires of Alexander the Great, the Arabs, Gengis Khan, and brought out its glory under the power of conqueror Amir Timur, also known as Tamerlan. After the independence from the Soviet Union and regaining its national identity, the country lives relatively isolated from the highlights of the West World media, but with a satisfactory standard of living. Tourism has not quite discovered the country, in spite of its historical interest, the plenty of monuments, the excellent cuisine and most of all, the kindness, cordiality, generosity and hospitality of the Uzbek people.


There is hardly any Uzbek who will not gift you a wide smile, usually having a golden denture, perhaps from the same material their hearts are made.


The walled city of Khiva, with an atmosphere of mystery surrounding the enchanting mausoleums and madrasas, stands in the middle of the desert for thousands of years, and along with the river Amu Darya (Oxus of the Ancient Greeks) are the landmarks of the empire of Alexander The Great. Bukhara, a city-museum with countless monuments, has been a strategic part of the street of silk and Islamic teaching. The fabulous Samarkand, an ancient town of the Sogdian kingdom, flourished after the conquest of Alexander the Great and his marriage to Princess Roxanne, while later became the capital of the empire of Tamerlan. Tashkent, a modern, clean capital city with an influence of Soviet architecture, is a delightful city to walk around.

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