“Peculiar” accommodation

Some unique accommodation options of my trips

Free camping on an ancient pyramid. Sudan

Staying on an idle boat-clinic. Sepik river, Papua New Guinea

Camping by the Zambezi river, surrounded by hyenas and big wild mammals. Zimbabwe

In the huts of Akha tribe, at the remote villages of north Laos

In the mud houses of Dogon tribe. Mali

At the brick-made, decorated “skyscrapers”. Sana’a, Yemen

Boathouses in Srinagar, Kashmir

At the “floating villages” of Bajau Sea Gypsies. Northeast Borneo

Not a common hut. Here lived the famous anthropologist, Bronislav Malinowski. Trobriand islands, Papua New Guinea

At a hut of the Mentawai tribe, Indonesia. 

On the mountain villages of Myanmar

In the Amazon jungle. Brazil

Tents in Sarchu, Ladakh, Indian Himalayas.

Pension in a cave of Cappadokia

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