About me, my trips, my images…

I was born in Athens, Greece, having the fortune to grow up and live in such a beautiful place on earth. A small country but with so much diversity, so many secrets to discover in this unique, brightly lit land! Though, my thirst for discovering our planet led me far beyond my personal borders. Traveling, for me is not just a holiday getaway, while the collection of experiences and images is like a vital need. Focusing on travel photography as my creative expression (not my job), I’m presenting my personal point of view and feelings about this world, by capturing storytelling images that celebrate life. Wander with me in distant exotic lands and discover emblematic landscapes and marvelous cultures. Be my travel partner in this journey of mind, let’s get lost in pictures and pause time in mnemonic moments.

 “Feeling native in remote lands and foreigner in my own neighborhood…”

 Alexandros Tsoutis

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